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Angus "Mac" MacGyver

Portrayed by: Richard Dean Andersen

Occupation: Special Agent for
The Phoenix Foundation
Primary field of study: Bachelor's Degree in Physics and Chemistry (1973, Western Tech)
Status: Single
No. of Children: 1 (Sean Angus Malloy)

Affiliations: The Phoenix Foundation (current);
United States Department of External Services (formerly, as special agent)

MacGyver in Brown Leather Jacket and signature mullet (hairstyle)
A good look at MacGyver's awesome mullet
(hairstyle) by Richard Dean Andersen

Fictional biography:

..born March 23, 1951 in Mission City, Minnesota
..father and grandmother died in a car accident when he was 7 years old
..raised by his mother and grandfather, who left to work in Alaska when Mac was 16 years old
..in his early teens, a childhood friend died in an accident involving a revolver, developing in him an aversion to firearms. Later in life, he becomes an unspoken advocate of gun control
..mother died after a brief illness when he was 19
..has strong beliefs favoring environmental preservation, racial equality, and helping the poor
..worked a variety of odd jobs, among them: special forces bomb disposal technician in Vietnam, race car driver, taxi driver
..speaks to lesser or greater extent Russian, German, French, Italian, American Sign Language, and knows Morse Code.
..an active player of ice hockey from childhood to adulthood, he believes that he could have played in the National Hockey League had he pursued it in his youth
..an active mountain climber
..best remembered sporting his signature haircut -- the so-called "Bro mullet" (short in front, long at the back, lightly gelled)

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Geek symptoms:
..got his first chemistry set at the age of 10, influencing his field of study in university
..always carries a Swiss Army pocket knife and duct tape
..has the knack to fix most anything using only everyday objects such as paper clips, shoelaces and bubblegum
..has the uncanny ability to fashion complicated devices such as a welding tool, a 2-seater motorized glider, a photograph developing kit, and explosive compounds of varying strength using whatever materials and household chemicals may be at hand

Character Appearances:
..The character Angus MacGyver first appeared in MacGyver Season1, Episode1 "Pilot" with original airdate of September 29, 1985.
..MacGyver has appeared in 139 episodes over
7 seasons (for the TV Series) and 2 TV Movies.

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