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Gil Grissom Quotes and Media Gallery

Featured Video Clip:
Grissom and Warrick in a Rollercoaster

"Dead men dont ride roller coasters."

"Well, someone once said, 'What we are never changes, but who we are...
never stops changing.'"

Featured Video Clip: Gil Grissom a Tribute

"Concentrate on what can not lie: the evidence."

"I believe in God, in science, in sunday supper..
I don't believe the rules you tell me
how i should live."

"I used to study people.. but I think I.. got bored."

"My mother may have been deaf but she was still
the boss."

"All play and no work makes Greg an
unemployed boy."

Featured Video Clip:
CSI: Leave Out All The Rest --
Grissom with Lady Heather

"I don't get people."

"I'm actually not interested in your ass."

Featured Video Clip:
Because of You! Grissom and Sara

"I don't like leaving a puzzle half finished."

"Excuse me, but could everyone in this room,
do me a big favor and leave, please."

"You never know. We both might learn something."

“I am sure if there is something out there looking down on us from somewhere else in the universe, they're wise enough to stay away from us.”

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