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"Geek of the Week" Archive:
A Geek Hall of Fame

The world of Geeks can be an exclusive and fiercely competitive fraternity of individuals where the triune traits of knowledgeability, perspicacity and decisiveness are what separates the True Geek from the Smart Fool.

Indeed, many are the hopeful claimants to the celebrated persona of the Revered Geek, yet blessed few are the successful stalwarts who have been able to cultivate what has today become the fashionable ideal.

To wit, there is distinguished a great many facets to the illustrious identity of the Geek: he is Genius, Inventor, Innovator, Artist, Partisan, Champion, and Technocrat. He is, of course, all of these and more!

This page is dedicated to the few individuals who have held themselves up to be noble specimen of the Geek subculture -- those precious few who dared distinction and are triumphantly heralded as Geeks worthy of praise, admiration, and perhaps even.. imitation!

Without further ado, the creative team of Geek Toys, Games and Gadgets is proud to present our
Geek Hall of Fame:


Sherlock Holmes, with pipe, in an armchair, a sketch in black and white

Sherlock Holmes, distinguished Detective and Crimebuster extraordinaire(fictional)

Mythical consulting detective to the London Police,
French Police, Scotland Yard, and various other branches of 19th century law-enforcement;
Crimebuster extraordinaire.

Link to Sherlock Holmes' complete write-up by clicking here

Gilbert "Gil" Grissom, Ph.D., distinguished Scientist, Criminologist, and
Television Icon

Portrayed by William Petersen
Seen in the TV Series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigations"
(Original Run: 2000-present)

Link to Grissom's complete write-up by clicking here

Gil Grissom with lightbulb (no beard)

Angus MacGyver wearing a red jacket in the city

Angus "Mac" Macgyver, celebrated Television Hero who reintroduced physics and chemistry to the everyman (fictional)

Acted by Richard Dean Andersen
Seen in the TV Series "MacGyver"
(Original run: 1986-1992)

Link to Mac's complete article write-up by clicking here

William "Bill" Henry Gates III,
the Eternal Billionaire and
Perennially the Wealthiest Man Alive

American Philantrophist and business magnate extraordinaire. Founder of Microsoft Corporation.

Link to Bill Gates' complete write-up by clicking here

Bill Gates, head shot on white background



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