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Hugh "Hef" Marston Hefner

Net Worth: upwards of USD 80 million(estimated)
(prior to 2007-2009 recession: USD 400 million)

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief and
Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Magazine

Primary field of study: Art (University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana)
Status: Married to Mildred Williams (1949-1959);
Married to Kimberley Conrad (1989-present) (separated)
Children: Christie Hefner (1952),
David Hefner (1955), Marston Hefner (1990), Cooper Hefner (1991)

Hugh "Hef" Hefner in white shirt, black coat, Maxim background
Hugh "Hef" Marston Hefner

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Essential Information :
..Hugh Hefner is, in simple terms, an American magazine publisher, Artist, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Playboy Enterprises, Human Rights Activist and Philantrophist. However, those who are aware of the "Playboy" philosophy/ lifestyle know that these simple accolades do "Hef" no justice. For one thing, he has profoundly influenced the dynamics of sexuality, in particular, and society, in general, over the past 50 years --the same period of time throughout which he built his mega-million business empire
..His Playboy family of magazines, being one of the world's best know brands, continue to be the world's best-selling men's lifestyle magazine. It continues to be distributed globally, an International editions (specific to region or country) have been circulated since the 1970s in over 30 countries. Nude pictorials in Playboy continue to be a desired modelling opportunity for women who aspire to celebrity and don't mind a certain notoriety
..In the United States, Playboy continues to enjoy sales of around 3 million copies a month

Biography & Geek Symptoms:
..born April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois to Glenn and Grace Hefner, both conservative Protestants
..attended Sayre Elementary School and Steinmetz High on Chicago's west side
..although strictly an average student, he is rated a genius level IQ (152)
..served as president of the student council where he championed student causes
..founded a school paper where he wrote and did cartoon artwork. His experiences in the Student Council and school paper would earn him the skills needed in his magazine publication endeavors
..having graduated high school, he joined the Army in 1944 where he served as an infantry clerk and drew cartoons for various Army newspapers
..discharged from military service in 1946, he took summer art classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and went on to enroll at the University of Illinois in the fall
..earned his bachelor's degree in two and a half years by doubling up on classes, all the while drawing cartoons for the "Daily Illini" and editing the campus humor magazine "Shaft" where he introduced a feature called "Coed of the Month"
..after finishing college, he took a semester of graduate studies in Northwestern University and, in 1949, married Mildred Williams, a former classmate who would be his wife of 10 years

..Around this time, he tried and failed to sell a cartoon strip but was able to publish a book of satirical cartoons about Chicago titled "That Toddlin' Town"
..worked various jobs as cartoonist, advertising and promotion copywriter from 1949 to 1951.
..it was in his last job at Esquire Magazine where he applied for, and failed to get, a raise, which he applied for in connection with the magazine moving its offices to New York. Denied the higher salary, he decided to stay behind and start a magazine of his own
..along with a fellow copywriter from Esquire, he tried to raise enough capital to launch a Chicago magazine and failed ..in 1953, he tried once again to start a magazine: he convinced 45 friends and family to invest and borrowed $600 from a bank with his furniture as collateral. The first issue featured Marilyn Monroe on the cover and was in newstands in December 1953. It sold over 50,000 copies, enough to recover costs and finance the next issue.
..envisioning great success, he hired talented and inspired staff to assist the Playboy's success. The magazine grew at a phenomenal rate. By the end of the 1950s, Playboy sold more than a million copies a month.

Milestones in Ingenuity :
..it was during the time of Playboy's exponential growth that he reinvented himself to fit the definition of the Playboy Gentleman
..in 1959, Hef bought a 70-room residence in Chicago. The turn-of-the-century colonial home became famously known as the Playboy Mansion where the Playboy lifestyle that Hefner espoused became a fantastic reality -- a sort of paradise setting. Ostensibly, the Playboy Mansion hosts many a much-publicized party where Playmates would entertain guests. Throughout the decades, these parties have added much to the Playboy mystique that has captured the imagination and fancy of men the world over
..not content to stay within the confines of magazine covers and his mansion, Hef introduced the Playboy lifestyle and philosophy to television and home videos. To date, his vast Playboy empire has spanned clubs, resorts, hotels and casinos, book publishing, merchandising, a modeling agency, limousine service, record label, a television and motion picture company, and various internet (digital) publications.

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