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Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan

Portrayed by: Emily Deschanel
Created by: Kathy Reichs (Novelist)

Occupation : Forensic Anthropologist,
Best-Selling Crime Novelist
Primary Field of Study: Forensic Anthropology (Northwestern University)
Status: Single
Affiliations: Jeffersonian Institute,
Federal Bureau of Investigation (as consultant), American Board of Forensic Anthropology(ABFA)

Emily Deschanel as Temperance 'Bones' Brennan from the "Bones" TV Series
Emily Deschanel
as Temperance 'Bones' Brennan

More Geek Symptoms:
..she regards sex as a base human desire, the satisfaction of which need not necessarily constitute any bond beyond the immediate and physical -- that is to say, no emotional involvement is required
..perhaps as a result of her belief that sex is a purely physical endeavor, she regards monogamy as contrary to the biological imperative of reproduciton
..she is capable of extreme compartmentalization. As it relates to sex and dating, there was one instance wherein she regularly dated 2 men, one of whom she kept purely for his sexual prowess (in fact, they rarely spent any time out of bed), and the other she kept solely for his ability to carry intelligent discussion. Both men were unhappy with how their roles were delimited, and when they discovered the presence of the other, they chose to terminate what relationship they had with Brennan

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Did you know :

..Novelist Kathy Reichs created the character of Dr. Temperance Brennan in her crime Novel series which first came into publication in 1997 (11 novels published as of 2008)

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